SOME OF OUR CLIENTS INCLUDE: HEALTHCARE Taking a consumer-centric approach to delivering products and services has become a predominant trend and disruptor across numerous industries, and healthcare is no exception. New technologies and the pervasiveness of data collection is enabling dramatic shifts in the provision of care, from improved diagnostics to more insightful population health statistics. As public and private health organizations look to leverage recent advances in technology into new models of care, interoperability, integration, data anonymization, socialization, and engagement will all be top of mind. Norima‘s experts with deep domain experience in healthcare, help firms and public health organizations to better leverage the latest technologies to improve health outcomes and the provision of patient care. DEPTH AND BREADTH ALLOWS US TO SUPPORT BOTH STRATEGY AND EXECUTION Norima’s Solutions Practice and its innovation-driven solutions are transforming healthcare services for providers and patients. These solutions are reducing costs, improving patient safety and satisfaction, and simplifying data and document management processes. A FEW OF OUR SERVICES: VisionDefinition&StrategicPlanning NeedsAssessment&GapAnalysis Organization&OperationalAssessments Product&TechnologySolutioning&ProcessImprovement ProcurementServices/VendorSelection ImplementationPlanning&BusinessTransformation Norima was referred to the ABFM by a trusted colleague and they have proven to be exceptional advisors. Their strategic guidance has been instrumental in enabling us to navigate the complex business and technical landscape surrounding our strategic initiative. DR. ROBERT PHILLIPS, VP Research and Policy, the American Board of Family Medicine 9