WHAT WE LOOK FOR Norima is a fast-paced, rapidly growing company with a compelling vision for the future. We value intelligence, adaptability, energy, and a pragmatic, disciplined, focus on results. Our brand is synonymous with complex program management and successful delivery under challenging circumstances. We hire smart individuals, with diverse skill sets and experience, and natural capabilities in several core competencies. TACT Thosewhorecognizethevaluein presenting information in a visual way and thus actively make an effort to do so where possible. Thosewhomakeaneffortto know the audience and stakeholders in a room, including researching them beforehand and considering what motivations they might have so that they can build a connection and anticipate how they might influence future decisions. Thosewhohavetheconfidence to push back or challenge individuals in a respectful way and have ensured that they’ve quickly built credibility and relationships ahead of time to challenge more effectively. Thosewhoworkandactivelyplan on how to engage people and include them in conversations and decisions. DILIGENCE Thosewhodon’thesitateto put in the time to comprehensively grind a problem. When appropriate, they will experiment to prove out a solution, but are cognizant to always ensure a mechanism is in place to return things to an original state. Thosewhoworktoconsider, and where appropriate prove out, all the ways something won't work, or how it can go wrong, rather than only considering why it should work. Thosewhopreparewell in advance for meetings and discussions with clients and colleagues so that answers to questions are well prepared. Thosewhoworktoclarifyand communicatea path forward, while remaining flexible by identifying the checkpoints and milestones in which a decision path may be altered or refined. OWNERSHIP Thosewhoassume,untilthey knowotherwise,thatiftheydon’t doit/worryaboutitnooneelse will.Individuals who are not frozen by a major roadblock. Thosewhohaveanemotional attachmentto their work and believe it is a direct reflection of their abilities and professionalism. Individuals who don’t allow this attachment to cloud their judgment in terms of refining the work to better meet the client’s/ team’s needs. Thosewhotakeownershipof mistakesand problems and if they have reason to believe that a solution (even those outside of their scope or responsibility) will not be successful, will offer assistance. Thosewhoworktothinkbeyond theboundariesof a specific problem and consider the implications beyond their most direct area of responsibility. Individuals who break down and dissect problems into smaller pieces to facilitate problem-solving and identify root causes. Some of the KEY BEHAVIOURS we value and look for: 10 TRUSTED TECHNOLOGY ADVISORS norimaconsulting.com