WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT TO BE CHALLENGED Firstandforemost,ourclientsengagewithustohelpsolvethemostchallengingofproblems;ifitwaseasy,they wouldn’tneedus.Inordertoearnaplaceasatrustedadvisor,notonlydoourconsultantsneedtobeknowledgeableand passionatetechnologyandbusinessprofessionals,buttheyneedtoworkasaseamlessandflexibleextensiontoourclients. Thisrequiresnotonlythedevelopmentofdeepdomainexperience,butexpertiseinrapidlyadaptingtonewobjectives, clientteams,projects,systems,technologies,workspaces,andpeople,asrequired.KnowthatbyjoiningNorima,you’re joiningateamofseasonedprofessionalsthathaveahistoryofdeliveringresultsinthemostcomplexandchallenging businessenvironments. TO LEARN AND DEVELOP AtNorimacontinuouslearninganddevelopmentisnotonlyanessentialpartofourculture,butacompetitive imperative.We take a collaborative approach to planning the development of employees, recognizing that a one size fits all approach rarely works and that this investment is of benefit not only to individuals, but to our clients and the advancement of our organization. By investing in our employees, we are able to improve their professional capability, credibility, and versatility, directly translating into smoother delivery for our clients and ensuring the greater consistency that comes from having a more knowledgeable and skilled team. Regardless of your current level of career experience, there are always new skills, technologies, and roles to learn and Norima has built a work environment that encourages ongoing development by: bringing on individuals to the team who demonstrate their own personal commitment to lifelong learning, providing exposure to new and challenging ideas/assignments, providing financial support for professional development activities, and fostering the sharing and exchange of knowledge through various internal events, such as weekly Tech Talks. Our goal is to support your evolution in the workplace to ensure your career success and satisfaction, as well as provide clients with the highest calibre of talent and expertise. TO DISCOVER YOUR FULL POTENTIAL Thereareindividualsineveryorganizationwhoactaskeydriversforthebusiness,bothclientfacingandback office.At Norima, we actively seek to identify, promote, and reward these individuals in order to continue to grow our business and achieve the next levels of success. As a rapidly growing company, we are always on the lookout for individuals who can step outside of their comfort zone, take the initiative, and deliver at an extraordinary level of consistency and competence, while exemplifying our value system. While this is not an easy balance to master, Norima is not an organization in which going the extra mile will be overlooked and your efforts will be lost among the many thousands. Regardless of your role, level of experience, or ambition, the work you do at Norima will be of material con- sequence to our success, and an immediate trust will be placed upon you to create long-lasting results for our clients. PROACTIVITY Thosewhoworkcontinually to apply new things that they’ve learned and actively improve upon existing ideas and methods, who never assume that the way things have always been done is the only way, and actively consider how things could be done better. Thosenotparalyzedby having too many options or in the face of ambiguity, who regardless of how little information is provided take imme- diate steps to move things forward. Those who use a lack of understanding to drive their own learning forward. Thosewhoworktoensurethat they understand objectives and expectations and in turn ensure that timelines and deliverables are explicitly discussed, who based on this informa- tion are able to establish priorities, or when unclear, or when priorities are in conflict, immediately seek guidance and/or assistance. Thosewhowhentheyidentify issues, or potential issues, address them immediately. Those who work to actively identify potential issues and will escalate/notify others, when appropriate. COLLABORATION Thosewithawillingnessto aban- don ideas that no longer make sense, evenifitresultsinscrappingsome effortsandstartingover.Individuals whoaimtofailfast,prototypeand demonstratewhenpossible,seekfeed- back,andnottakefailurepersonally. Thosewhogiveindividuals (colleagues and stakeholders) the benefit of the doubt and consider the information and context that they may not have, rather than assuming others are wrong, misguided, or ignorant. Thosewhocontinuetoacceptand offer to accept additional work until it is too much. Individuals who at this point will outline the demands and seek input from others (managers or the client) to decide which tasks can be delayed, dropped, handed-off, etc. Thosewhodon’tcatastrophize, or get visibly overwhelmed by changes, who communicate demands to colleagues and brainstorm solutions, options, and timelines to get things done. Thosewhoworktoseamlessly integrateinto any team of which they are a part of and who work to ensure that they are not viewed as an outsider. Individuals who literally sit on the client’s side of the table when possible. 11