BENEFITS Norima recognizes that it is becoming a more and more competitive marketplace for high-calibre talent. As a consequence, we aim to be a top compensator for our industry, and along with a competitive salary offer the following additional benefits: HEALTH BENEFITS PACKAGE We offer comprehensive health benefits packages for both our US and Canadian employees, including Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Dependent Life, Long Term Disability, Extended Health, and Dental Care. RRSP/401(k) MATCHING PROGRAM In order to enhance the long-term financial security and retirement savings of our team, Norima offers all employees participation in Norima's Deferred Profit Sharing Program (DPSP)/401(k) Matching Program. Based on total years of service, Norima offers an increasing scale of matching contributions to your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or 401(k) retirement savings plan. 10-YEAR SERVICE AWARDS In today’s competitive talent marketplace, 10 years of service in one organization is a significant milestone. We don’t take this achievement lightly or overlook the significance of the contribution that your loyalty has made to the success of the organization. After 10 years of service, all Norima employees receive a certificate commemorating the event, along with a cash bonus commensurate with the significance. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT Norima believes in investing in our people. We recognize that this investment not only benefits Norima by acting as yet another incentive for top performing candidates to join our firm, but it significantly benefits clients, as well. Norima encourages continuous growth and development amongst employees through professional development planning and opportunities, dynamic learning groups, weekly technology talks, mentorship, regular touchpoints with delivery leaders, and our Professional Development Fund, which can be accessed for supplemental university courses, seminars, certification courses, and other learning tools. 12 TRUSTED TECHNOLOGY ADVISORS