( character + competence ) 2 TRUSTED TECHNOLOGY ADVISORS norimaconsulting.com CHARACTER Character is the foundation of our value system. Our decisions as an organization are driven by doing the right thing, holding our clients’ interests first, and with an emphasis on what’s best in the long-term. Takingthelongviewandrisingabove anyshort-termissueswithourclients andteammateshasbeenparamount tooursuccess.Tothisend,ourpeople employopen,frank,andhonest communication,evenwhendifficult, andstrivetodotherightthing, evenwhennooneiswatching.Our besttakeownershipofourclients’ problemsandworkwithprecision tocollaborativelyreachsolutions. OTHER VALUED TRAITS: Self-aware,personable, emotionallyintelligent, supportive,passionate,humble, collaborative,genuine. COMPETENCE Competence is excellence in the disciplines we serve. Norima consultants are humbly competent and are knowledgeable, informed, disciplined, and skilled in their role(s). Our people hold professional curiosity as a most highly esteemed skill and seek to learn and understand more from their clients and colleagues daily. Continuous self-improvement is key. Our best are dogmatically proactive, addressing issues with tact and without hesitation, and continually applying new things learned. OTHER VALUED TRAITS: Skilled,knowledgeable, sharp/intelligent,innovative, adaptable,imaginative, articulate,pragmatic, forward-thinking. CONSISTENCY Consistency is how character and competence leads to trust, and is all about effort and dependability. Our people strive to deliver their best efforts and are diligent to follow-through on all commitments. It is of greater importance to us to consistently meet expectations than to exceed them dramatically one day and then miss them dramatically the next. Our people show up every day, ready to perform to expectations and don’t “mail it in” regardless of the ease or difficulty of the work.   OTHER VALUED TRAITS: Engaged,punctual, accountable,hardworking, committed,reliable, thorough,dedicated. OUR VALUES WE WORK as a flexible extension to our clients, offering exceptional service to earn a place as trusted advisors.