CONSULTING SERVICES We assist clients with longer-term strategic initiatives covering the full spectrum of delivery, from strategy definition to full-scale implementation. Management/StrategyConsulting:To stay competitive, companies must respond to ever-changing market conditions, the rapid evolution of technology, and the cultural and operational shifts that come through innovation. Change in any organization can be disruptive, and it carries both the potential for future gains and the risk of failure. As technology increasingly becomes the change agent to create stakeholder value, the need to embed changes to culture and performance within IT initiatives becomes ever important. Our seasoned industry veterans, with strong technical experience and expertise, help clients understand their current state, plan their future, and develop an integrated approach to manage and execute technology initiatives. SolutionsDelivery:Our experienced delivery teams provide a results-focused and technology agnostic approach to solutions and systems implementation. Bringing experience from multiple projects and disciplines, our consultants complement and strengthen delivery teams through their experience with novel, contemporary, and legacy technologies. Our analysts, architects, developers, and managers are experts at seamlessly integrating into various environments, to blend-in, collaborate, and drive initiatives to completion, helping our clients achieve their business goals while shortening delivery cycles and meeting budgets and deadlines. InnovationAcceleration:For many of our clients there’s a constant balancing act between the rate of their internal ability to change and the rate of speed that technology is changing in their industry. Our highly skilled technical teams help to better manage this balance by working to advance and fast-track clients’ innovation initiatives. Passionate about leveraging technology to innovate and enable the next stage of growth, we propel clients to the next level by supporting their innovation goals through the experimentation and deployment of the latest technologies. STRATEGIC RESOURCING SERVICES Whether engaging an entire team or simply augment- ing a few key roles, our consultants are especially skilled at integrating seamlessly into client environments and taking ownership of initiatives as if they were our own. Thissenseofownershipisessentialtobuildingtrust, and allows our people to complement and work collaboratively with client teams and effectively navigate the inner workings and political landscape of any environment. When full project outsourcing is not appropriate, we provide the right talent to create, augment, or lead, our clients’ high-performing teams. SERVICENOW/SERVICE MANAGEMENT: As a ServiceNow partner, our San Diego based ServiceNow Practice has become an exciting area of growth for our company. Our core ServiceNow focus areas include, but are not limited to: ITServiceManagement(ITSM): Incident, Problem, Change, Request ITOperationsManagement(ITOM): CMDB, Discovery, Service Mapping, Orchestration ITBusinessManagement(ITBM): Demand Management, Resource Management, Project Portfolio Management, Agile Development, Cost Transparency, Performance Analytics CustomApplicationDevelopment CustomerServiceManagement(CSM) HumanResource(HR)ServiceManagement FacilitiesServiceManagement 5