SOME OF OUR CLIENTS INCLUDE: INSURANCE The insurance industry is grappling with challenging new business, investment, and regulatory pressures, while demographic shifts and changing customer expectations further shape its future. In response, insurers are embracing digital technologies to help provide better flexibility to operations and enhance the customer experience. Norima enables insurers to achieve business agility by applying industry experience in initiatives such as systems implementations, data & analytics, complex legacy data migrations, quality assurance, and the deployment of custom toolsets designed to drive operational efficiencies. UNLEASHING BUSINESS AGILITY TO DRIVE OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES Norima’sInsuranceTransformationPracticeprovidesmanagementconsultingandtechnologymodernizationimplementationservicestotier3to5PropertyandCasualtyInsur- ers.Ourteambringssignificantexperienceconductingcoresystemimplementations,rangingfromtheinitialanalysis,strategicplanning&preparation,throughtoexecution. FOCUSED SOLUTION SPECIALIZATION We are not a firm that “does everything,” instead we are a firm that has deep expertise with delivering a select group of solutions exceptionally well. TRANSFORMATION KEYS TO SUCCESS Our experience across insurance transformation projects has yielded the insight that a successful implementation program is far more than “configuring” the package. A FEW OF OUR SERVICES: Drivingmoreeffectivedecisionmaking The alignment of corporate strategy and vision to the operations and IT roadmap Implementation Project management leadership and advisory services for top market package software implementations PackageConfigurationandIntegration Systems architecture and integration leadership and delivery DataMigrationDesign&Support Services to assist with data migration through the various stages of migration and/or converting data from legacy system(s) into the top Insurance Core COTS platforms DataAnalyticsSupport Data staging area and Operational datastore (ODS) design and development feeding data marts for downstream analytics and reporting I’ve known and worked with many of the people at Norima for years.  A few of their senior analysts and architects augmented my team on our GuideWire Claims Center implementation and they were indispensable. I knew I could depend on them for steady performance and solid results and they delivered as expected.  I plan to continue working with Norima on future initiatives. SYD CHURCH, Vice President, Application Services and Strategic Initiatives, Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company 7