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Norima has successfully implemented a number of ServiceNow® projects, including:

  • Project Portfolio Suite (PPS) Implementation: phased implementation of the ServiceNow® PPS module for a client’s managed service providers (MSPs).
  • Web Application to Ensure Regulatory Compliance: creation of a custom web application to facilitate compliance with relevant regulations, using the ServiceNow® platform for delivery.
  • HR Portal Implementation: adding an HR-specific Service Portal to a client’s current suite of applications, using a staged delivery process for implementation.
  • Strategic Resourcing: assisting a large utilities client by providing them with a certified ServiceNow® administrator to help them achieve their goals.

Success Stories

Phased Project Portfolio Suite Implementation

The Challenge

TB Consulting wanted to implement the ServiceNow Project Portfolio Suite (PPS) module for its managed service providers (MSPs).

The Solution

Norima implemented the project in a phased approach. In the first phase, Norima validated the targeted features of the PPS module running in a domain-separated environment. The second phase is to setup the targeted features for a specific customer.

This project included: Domain Separation Validation, Consultation and Demonstrations, Demand Management, Resource Management, SDLC, Project Management and Planning, and Timecard Configuration.

HR Portal Implementation

The Challenge

Encore is a ServiceNow Enterprise customer that wanted to add a Human Resource (HR) specific Service Portal to its current suite of applications.

The Solution

Norima used a staged delivery process to implement this project, which included implementation of HR Catalog and Task Management, an HR-specific Knowledge Base, and a Service Portal based on the client’s requirements. Norima’s role also involved general Platform Configuration and Branding, Operational Readiness Testing (ORT), Testing and Post Go-Live Support, and overall Engagement Management.

Norima’s ServiceNow delivery team are skilled architects and developers, with a concern for quality and attention to detail. Norima’s dedication and high-quality work had significant impact on both the quality and cost-effectiveness of our new ServiceNow portal. We will continue to leverage Norima for future implementation of ServiceNow modules and…look forward to our continued partnership with Norima Consulting.

– Senior Project Manager, Encore Capital Group

Norima’s knowledge of industry best practices and ITIL framework helped connect skeptical key stakeholders to the full potential of the platform.

– Senior Project Manager, Encore Capital Group

Custom Web Applications to Ensure Regulatory Compliance (DCweb & EAweb)

The Challenge

The Global Trade Compliance Group of Cubic Corporation’s Cubic Global Defense (CGD) business unit, a leading provider of realistic combat training systems, secure communications and networking, and highly specialized support services for military and security forces of the U.S. and allied nations, is responsible for ensuring that Cubic adheres to all relevant export regulations defined by the U.S. Departments of State and Commerce.

Cubic required a way to adequately and appropriate manage the critical risk management function of relevant export regulations, as failure to comply with export regulations can lead to severe penalties and business restrictions.

The Solution

Using the ServiceNow platform for delivery, Norima worked with CGD to create two web applications to facilitate compliance with relevant export regulations:

  1. DCweb: CDA Global Trade Compliance Technical Data Classification Web Application
  2. EAweb: CDA Global Trade Compliance Service & Data Export Authorization Web Application

The main purposes of these applications are to:

  • Ensure compliance with relevant export regulations.
  • Serve as a searchable repository of all technical data classification and marking previously performed through the application (DCweb).
  • Serve as a searchable repository of all data and services export authorizations (DSEA’s) previously granted through the application (EAweb).
  • Enable management to monitor the compliance and export authorization staff productivity rates.
  • Facilitate demonstrating regulatory compliance in the event of a government audit.

Norima followed its Plan->Discover->Configure->Deploy approach to design and build an innovative, easy-to-use solution that delivers true business value. Activities included requirements gathering and documentation, development and review of design specifications, and web application development, testing, and release to production environment.

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