IN TODAY'S COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT talented people have a lot of employment choices, and so the significance of someone choosing to work for Norima is not lost on me. Our company has worked hard over the years to create an environment that fosters excep- tional talent and meaningful work, and I have no doubt that the various successes, accolades, and recognition that we have received stem directly from our amazing team of consultants. We have built a strong foundation of trusted client relationships, and this comes only by empowering and providing support to individuals who have the unique ability to see the path to deliver value and maintain strong delivery relationships. If you are such an individual and are looking for the challenges and rewards of joining a team seeking delivery excel- lence, I trust you’ll find what you are looking for here. Each day the people of Norima strive to earn a place as trusted advisors to our clients and to this end we believe in the power of character, competence, and consistency in building these long-standing relationships. We strive for excellence and integrity in everything we do, and doing right by our clients and delivering real, tangible, results will always remain at the forefront of our focus as an organization. If you are seeking a new opportunity, I thank you for considering Norima for the next stage of your career. We are an exciting company full of exceptionally talented and dedicated people who are immensely proud of the success we have achieved to date and are committed to the bold future vision that we continue to strive and work towards. We have never shied away from change, and are always keeping our eye on new techniques, process- es, and services in order to stand apart in this era of constant disruption. With that being said, it is our team that truly sets us apart and should you decide to join Norima, rest assured that you will be part of a dynamic group that is laying the foundation for our company's future success. As CEO, I am humbled by the group of professionals that make the decision to work for us, and I am proud to be a part of that team. I invite you to take a moment to explore Norima and discover our history, the core values that we’re built on, what we do, and what others are saying about us. Our future will be both challenging and rewarding, and I hope you’ll consider lending Norima your talents. Sincerely, David Kuik, CEO SAN DIEGO A MESSAGE FROM DAVID KUIK